About us


Since the beginning of 2005, a partnership of three companies has been working on building together a tool designed to perform uncertainty treatment and reliability analysis.

The first release 0.9.0 dates back from 2007. Since then, the project published bi-yearly releases.


  • Anne Dutfoy
  • Antoine Dumas
  • Aurelie Ladier
  • Denis Barbier
  • Felipe Aguirre Martinez
  • Ivan Dutka-Malen
  • Julien Schueller
  • Mathieu Couplet
  • Mathieu Lapointe
  • Mathieu Souchaud
  • Regis Lebrun
  • Romuald Conty
  • Sofiane Haddad
  • Vincent Dubourg


Each year a users day event is planned at the beginning of the summer allowing users to exchange on their use of the library and keep up with the new features. The 2017 edition is held at EDF R&D Chatou (France) on the 6th of June.

Citing OpenTURNS

If you use OpenTURNS in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

title={OpenTURNS: An industrial software for uncertainty quantification in simulation},
author={Michaël Baudin, Anne Dutfoy, Bertrand Iooss, Anne-Laure Popelin},


Airbus Group funds work since the beginning.

EDF Research and Development funds work since the beginning.

IMACS joined the partnership in 2014.

Phimeca Engineering funds work since the beginning.