Estimate a probability with Monte CarloΒΆ

In this example we estimate a probability by means of a simulation algorithm, the Monte-Carlo algorithm. To do this, we need the classes MonteCarloExperiment and ProbabilitySimulationAlgorithm. We consider the axial stressed beam example.

from openturns.usecases import stressed_beam
import openturns as ot


We load the model from the usecases module :

sm = stressed_beam.AxialStressedBeam()

We get the joint distribution of the parameters.

distribution = sm.distribution

The model is also stored in the data class :

model = sm.model

We create the event whose probability we want to estimate.

vect = ot.RandomVector(distribution)
G = ot.CompositeRandomVector(model, vect)
event = ot.ThresholdEvent(G, ot.Less(), 0.0)

Create a Monte Carlo algorithm.

experiment = ot.MonteCarloExperiment()
algo = ot.ProbabilitySimulationAlgorithm(event, experiment)

Retrieve results.

result = algo.getResult()
probability = result.getProbabilityEstimate()
print("Pf=", probability)
Pf= 0.030314868349089773