Windows port

This documentation aims at guiding the developer with cross-compilation for the Windows target using MinGW-w64 project. This is the method used to ship the windows binaries that include Python bindings.

Library compilation

The cross-compilation is straightforward thanks to the provided precompiled MinGW toolchain and libraries:

  1. Install Wine, NSIS:

    aptitude install wine nsis
  2. Fetch the last openturns-developers-windeps-x.y.tgz archive and unzip it:

    cd openturns-src/distro/windows
    tar xzf openturns-developers-windeps-1.8.tar.gz
  3. Launch compilation:

    make ARCH=x86_64  # (for a 64 bits target)
    make PYBASEVER=3.5  # (for Python 3.5)

If you are lucky, it should produce an installer named openturns-x.y-pyu.v-arch.exe

Module compilation

A successful build of the library according to the previous step is required to compile a module from its sources:

cd module-src/distro/windows
make OT_PREFIX=$PWD/../../../openturns-src/build-i686-w64-mingw32/install

The same Makefile variables can be set (the same way the library was built) to control the build parameters. If the build is successful an executable installer is created.