get_line_col(filename, skip_line=0, skip_col=0, seek=0, encoding='ascii')

Get a token at specific coordinates.


skip_line : int, number of lines skipped

If skip_line < 0: count lines backward from the end of the file. Be careful: a last empty line is taken into account too! Default: 0: no line skipped

skip_col : int, number of columns skipped from the beginning or end of the line.

If skip_col < 0: count col backward from the end of the line. Default: 0: no column skipped

seek : int, if > 0, consider the file starts at pos seek.

if < 0, consider the file ends at pos -seek (and NOT (end-(-seek))!). Default: 0: consider the whole file.

encoding : str, file encoding


result : float, value to retrieve