Documentation of the APIΒΆ

This is the user manual for the Python bindings to the otfmi library.

FMUFunction(*args) Override NumericalMathFunction from Python.
OpenTURNSFMUFunction(path_fmu, inputs_fmu[, ...]) Override NumericalMathFunction from Python.
fmi.load_fmu(path_fmu[, kind]) Load and FMU.
fmi.simulate(model[, initialization_script, ...]) Simulate an FMU.
fmi.parse_kwargs_simulate([value_input, ...]) Parse simulation key-word arguments and arrange for feeding the simulate method of pyfmi’s model objects.
fmi.apply_initialization_script(model, ...) Apply an initialization script to a model.
fmi.get_name_variable(model, **kwargs) Get the list of variable names.
fmi.get_causality(model) Get the causality of the variables.
fmi.get_variability(model) Get the variability of the variables.
fmi.get_fixed_value(model) Get the values of the variables with ‘fixed’ variability, ignoring aliases.
fmi.get_start_value(model) Get the values of the variables with a start value ignoring aliases.
fmi.set_dict_value(model, dict_value) Set values from a dictionary with variable names as keys.