Documentation of the API

This is the user manual for the Python bindings to the otpod library.

Data analysis

UnivariateLinearModelAnalysis Linear regression analysis with residuals hypothesis tests.

POD computation methods

UnivariateLinearModelPOD Linear regression based POD.
QuantileRegressionPOD Quantile regression based POD.
PolynomialChaosPOD Polynomial chaos based POD.
KrigingPOD Kriging based POD.

Adaptive algorithms

AdaptiveSignalPOD Adaptive algorithm for signal data type.
AdaptiveHitMissPOD Adaptive algorithm for hit miss data type.

Sensitivity analysis

SobolIndices Sensitivity analysis based on Sobol’ indices.
PLI PLI base class.
PLIMean PLI based on a mean perturbation.
PLIVariance PLI based on a mean perturbation.


PODSummary Run the analysis and compute POD with several methods.
DataHandling Static methods for data handling.