Release process

  1. New “release” branch

  2. Reindent sources (utils/

  3. Increment version number X.Y(rc1) (utils/

  4. Increment rpm package number (distro/rpm)

  5. Update Debian package (distro/debian):

  • Sync with debian package

  • Check for new patches

  • New entry in changelog

  • Update soversion in control, rename install files

  1. Build new packages on OBS

  2. Upload debian packages using scripts

  3. Merge release branch, create X.Y branch, and tag new version

  4. Build Windows binaries

  5. Build Windows modules binaries

  6. Update conda packages recipe

  7. Update conda modules packages recipes

  8. Update otconda bundle

  9. Update wheels

  10. Set version X.Y+1, new changelog in master

  11. Drop deprecated methods listed in TODO file

  12. Bump soversion (lib/src/CMakeLists.txt)