Designs of experiments

Refer to Design of Experiments.

Experiment(*args) Base class for design of experiments.

Stratified designs of experiments

StratifiedExperiment(*args) Base class for stratified experiments.
Axial(*args) Axial design of experiments.
Factorial(*args) Factorial design of experiments.
Composite(*args) Composite design of experiments.
Box(*args) Box design of experiments.

Weighted experiments

WeightedExperiment(*args) Weighted experiment.

Random weighted experiments

BootstrapExperiment(*args) Bootstrap experiment.
LHSExperiment(*args) LHS experiment.
MonteCarloExperiment(*args) MonteCarlo experiment.
ImportanceSamplingExperiment(*args) Importance Sampling experiment.

Deterministic weighted experiments

FixedExperiment(*args) Fixed experiment.
GaussProductExperiment(*args) Gauss product experiment.
LowDiscrepancyExperiment(*args) LowDiscrepancy experiment.

Low Discrepancy Sequences

Refer to Low Discrepancy Sequence.

LowDiscrepancySequence(*args) Base class to generate low discrepancy sequences.
FaureSequence(*args) Faure sequence.
HaltonSequence(*args) Halton sequence.
ReverseHaltonSequence(*args) Reverse Halton sequence.
HaselgroveSequence(*args) Haselgrove sequence.
SobolSequence(*args) Sobol sequence.

Optimal LHS generation

Refer to Optimal LHS design.

OptimalLHSExperiment(*args) OptimalLHS base class.
MonteCarloLHS(*args) Monte Carlo LHS optimization.
SimulatedAnnealingLHS(*args) LHS optimization using simulated annealing.
LHSResult(*args) Summarize the results of an LHS optimization.

Space Filling

Used to define the optimization criterion in OptimalLHSExperiment.

SpaceFilling(*args) Space filling computation base class.
SpaceFillingC2(*args) Space filling C2 (centered L2-discrepancy) computation.
SpaceFillingMinDist(*args) Space filling minimal distance criterion.
SpaceFillingPhiP(*args) Space filling PhiP.

Temperature Profile

Used to control the optimization in SimulatedAnnealingLHS.

TemperatureProfile(*args) Base class to define a temperature profile.
LinearProfile(*args) Linear temperature profile.
GeometricProfile(*args) Geometric temperature profile.