Base objects

Combinatorial structures

BipartiteGraph(*args) Bipartite red/black graph.


Domain(*args) Base class for domain objects.
LevelSet(*args) Level set.
MeshDomain(*args) Adaptor to convert a Mesh to a Domain.
LevelSetMesher(*args) Creation of mesh of box type.
RegularGrid(*args) Regular Grid.
Interval(*args) Numerical interval.
IntervalMesher(*args) Creation of mesh of box type.
DomainComplement(*args) Complement of a Domain.








Mesh(*args) Mesh.


Matrix(*args) Real rectangular matrix.
ComplexMatrix(*args) Complex Matrix.
CorrelationMatrix(*args) Correlation Matrix.
CovarianceMatrix(*args) Covariance (real symmetric positive definite) matrix.
HermitianMatrix(*args) Hermitian Matrix.
IdentityMatrix(*args) Identity matrix.
SquareMatrix(*args) Real square matrix.
SquareComplexMatrix(*args) Complex square matrix.
SymmetricMatrix(*args) Real symmetric matrix.
TriangularMatrix(*args) Hermitian Matrix.
TriangularComplexMatrix(*args) Hermitian Matrix.
HMatrixParameters(*args) Parameters for HMatrix class.
HMatrixFactory(*args) Empty HMatrix builder.
HMatrix(*args) Hierarchical matrices.


Tensor(*args) Tensor.
ComplexTensor(*args) Complex tensor.
SymmetricTensor(*args) Symmetric tensor.


BoolCollection(*args) Proxy of C++ OT::BoolCollection class.
Description(*args) Collection of strings.
Indices(*args) Collection of unsigned integers.


Point(*args) Real vector.
PointWithDescription(*args) Collection of real values with a description for each component.
ComplexCollection(*args) Collection.
ScalarCollection(*args) Collection.

Comparison operators

ComparisonOperator(*args) Base class for comparison operators.
Equal(*args) Equal comparison operator.
Greater(*args) Greater comparison operator.
GreaterOrEqual(*args) Greater or equal comparison operator.
Less(*args) Less comparison operator.
LessOrEqual(*args) Less or equal comparison operator.


Study(*args) Study.
StorageManager([defaultVersion]) Define the way OpenTURNS’ objects are saved and reloaded.
XMLStorageManager(*args) Storage manager that drives a XML file.

History strategy

HistoryStrategy(*args) History storage strategy.
Compact(*args) Compact history storage strategy.
Full(*args) Full history storage strategy.
Last(*args) Last history storage strategy.
Null(*args) Null history storage strategy.

Spatial lookup

NearestNeighbourAlgorithm(*args) Nearest neighbour lookup.
KDTree(*args) Partition tree data structure.
NaiveNearestNeighbour(*args) Brute force algorithm for nearest-neighbour lookup.
NearestNeighbour1D(*args) Partition tree data structure for 1D points.
RegularGridNearestNeighbour(*args) Partition tree data structure.
EnclosingSimplexAlgorithm(*args) Point location algorithm.
NaiveEnclosingSimplex(*args) Naive implementation of point location.
RegularGridEnclosingSimplex(*args) Specialized point location algorithm on RegularGrid.
EnclosingSimplexMonotonic1D(*args) Specialized point location algorithm for monotonic 1D meshes.
BoundingVolumeHierarchy(*args) Bounding Volume Hierarchy to speed-up point location.